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Dogs for Sale

We have several young dogs available for sale on a regular basis. These dogs can be utilized for Police Work, Sport, Personal Protection or Family and Manners Obedience. All dogs have been started in our Tracking Program, Motivational Obedience, and Real Protection excluding the Family Obedience and Manners dogs.

Prices will be set due to the level of training. All vet and registration papers will be provided upon the day of sale. Please contact us to inquire about our available dogs or something else we may be able to find for you.


No puppies available at this time.

Adult Dogs

No adult dogs available at this time.

 Bed Bug Detector Dogs


titan-soldCertified Bed Bug Detector Dog

(Formerly Tristan adopted from Popcorn Park Zoo)
Sold to Action Pest Control Toms River

Titan was adopted by Hanlon’s K9 to become a Bed Bug Detector dog for Action Pest Control. Titan was a two time returned dog for his hyperactvity which we transformed and worked out perfectly to make him into a bed bug dog. Titan is currently working the road with a handler for the Action Pest Control.

Service Dogs

No service dogs available at this time.

Green Dogs

Hanlon’s K9 Dog Training Academy LLC has Green Dogs of various ages available for training. These dogs are either bred and raised at our kennel or are direct European imports. We guarantee the confidence, quality and ability of each individual dog and are able to well match the dog to its particular work requirement. Elbows and hips are guaranteed to the age of 2 years. Should there be a medical issue with the dog or dissatisfaction with the work potential, a replacement dog will be provided within 30 days of purchase. Details are covered in the purchase contract.

Please call for available dogs as these change.

Sale Policy

Click here to download sales contract.