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Hope #ForNico

nico-1The “Hope #ForNico” fundraising event we hosted on June 2, 2013 was enjoyed by families and dog lovers alike, and helped raise hundreds of dollars towards the purchase and training of a service dog for two-year-old Nico Santoli and his family. Nico was diagnosed with a rare form of childhood eye cancer, and a service dog will be a great addition to help Nico with this situation. Several local businesses and organizations teamed up with us to make this event a big success. They included dog cookies by Steven from East Seals, a DJ, a silent auction, a bounce house, balloon artist, magician, face painter, and more.

Our K9 team showed their skills in an impressive show despite traffic noise and distraction. Jesse, a dually trained yellow Labrador retriever, wowed the crowd when he first demonstrated service dog level obedience by following commands from 40 feet away and then switching gears to demonstrate his protection skills as he charged the decoy, biting and outing as commanded or recalling as commanded.

Hanlon’s K9 is the official bed bug detector certifying agency for Action Pest Control! We test and certify that each of their dogs are working proficiently at detecting bed bugs!

companion-dogHanlon’s K9 is training a companion dog for Pride Property Management! Cooper, a 6 month old beagle mix is being campus trained as a companion dog for president & CEO Alex Kuffel of Pride Property Management. Cooper will be fully trained to be able to go to work with Mr. Kuffel every day!