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The training my pup Emma received at Hanlon’s K9 was unreal.  Every time someone sees or meets Emma I am complimented on how well behaved she is.  It is all thanks to Rob and everyone at Hanlon’s K9!

Mike Falciani


I have been so impressed – and appreciative – of the training at Hanlon’s K9. I brought my 2 Belgians there a few years ago, and had amazing results! I am now in training again, with my “little” 8 month old Lab, Zara, and we both are learning so much. The techniques that we learn enable us to bond with, play with and respect each other for life! Thank you to all the trainers for the help and support.  You’re he best!



Training at Rob`s has been fun. Our dog Sasha has improved so much. She is a playful German Shep. With out the help of Hanlon`s trainers she would have been a huge problem. My wife can now handle Sasha.  We plan to keep up the training @ Hanlon`s. Sasha, myself and my wife both enjoy it.

John & Maggie Geraghty


I brought my unruly 8 week old labrador pup, Macaroni, to Rob’s school for training. Two years later, we still employ Rob’s gentle techniques and Mac is the best family pet. Rob’s classes don’t just teach the dogs…they teach US humans so we may lead our friends in an effective and loving manner.

Maryann Warner

Yellow Lab

Training with Hanlon’s K-9 has really worked. I started this past fall with a 2 year old 83 lb yellow female lab that was totally OUT OF CONTROL. Now she’s running through tunnels, jumping over barrels and can stay on a sit and down stay until she’s told to move. Best return on any investment I made this year!!!!!