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Meet Our Staff


Jessica Schenesky

jessI came to Hanlon’s K9 first as a client with my high drive Rottweiler Mix who was in need of a job. I enrolled him in Search and Rescue in which he excelled in and focused his energy in a positive way. I enjoyed working with my do so much that I decided to begin my dog training career with Hanlon’s K9. I’m excited to further my education and assist clients with bettering their relationships with their dogs as I did.

Robert Hanlon

robert-hanlonRobert began his career after being the owner of a difficult dog and seeking out professional help. Robert discovered Auger’s K9 in Oakland NJ where he got the help he needed and began his career as a trainer. As the years passed, he has competed in several dogs sports as well as handling a Police K9. He now competes in Protection Sports Association with his personal dog Cypress. ” Training dogs is my passion. Completing the relationship with a handler and their dog is my goal”.


Autumn Hale

autumn-haleIt all started with my Belgian Malinois Zero. I began to teach him to sit and stay. I started to realize that it was fun to work with animals, but especially dogs. My dad and I went around looking for place that I could volunteer at like animal shelters, but because of my age I could not volunteer. My dad was on his way home from work and said try Hanlon’s K-9 training. He came home and asked me if I wanted to start training Zero there, and of coarse I said yes! When we go to Hanlon’s I loved it. It was so fun to train my dog. A few weeks later my mom and dad thought it would be a good idea to ask Rob, the owner, if I could volunteer there. Within a few weeks I was volunteering with Hanlon’s K-9. It’s been a little over a year and there’s so many great things I have learned. Like all the classes; basic obedience, novice, and advanced training. I love Rob’s methods and I feel they are very helpful. I hope one day to be as good as Rob!